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Academic writing focuses on simplicity, clarity, and exactness. Few of us become great writers like Shakespeare or Hemmingway, and we don’t need to. Most of us can become perfectly good academic writers and with that, I am going to help you.

A good manuscript does not only give data or information. In addition, a good manuscript conveys knowledge. Knowledge feeds the mind whilst data and information can be used, by your readers, as a stepping stone; a foundation for future discoveries. Just like the famous words of Isaac Newton; ‘If I have been able to see further, it’s because I have been standing on the shoulders of giants.

In this volume, we’ll be covering matters like authorship,, copyright, and plagiarism. We’ll look at how you can select the journal that fits your research. Also, I will be telling you what you need to know about Open Access, and how to avoid predatory publishers.

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Matt McKay

An ongoing commitment to training and talent development ensures both the development of essential workplace skills as well as the potential for sustainable growth and success. Investing in training produces positive change within organisations, improving productivity and boosting performance. Bas’s extensive experience in the marketing and management of scientific training, coupled with his honed knowledge of training techniques have seen him assist STM through training and inspiring a host of budding publishers, authors and editors.

Vicky Lam

In the highly competitive world of academic publishing, it is important that researchers know how to maximize the chances of getting their research accepted and published. Bas has extensive experience in academic publishing and a history of a tireless commitment to researcher training on behalf of STM (International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers). I believe that Bas and the invaluable training that is available at his Authoring Academy will not only arm researchers with the vital publishing knowledge required but also help them translate that knowledge into practical application.

Abdel Meguid Kassem

Communicating research results efficiently to the scientific community is an essential skill for any researcher. Given the available opportunities and the emerging complexities of the STM publishing scene it is necessary to get training and advise from experts with varying expertise. I have known Mr. Bas Straub since more than 10 years. He worked with world renowned publishers and therefore is able to give insights and provide advise for researchers and editors in the field of STM publishing. The sessions I have attended with him were very informative and inspiring. Mr. Straub is talented in addressing different aspects of the publishing cycle in simple clear messages also to non-native English speakers.

Jason Hu

Well begun is half done! A well written and structured manuscript will definitely increase its chance to be accepted by a peer reviewed journal, however it is also easier said than done. I am glad to see Bas is determined to support authors with his years of extensive experiences in Academy Publishing. The trainings and courses offered by Authoring Academy are valuable resources with many applicable insights and tactics. I would love to strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to publish a great paper!

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