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The Road to Acceptance is a three-step program designed by Bas Straub. The program maximizes the chances of your manuscript being accepted in the journal of your choice. Publication success is not only dependent on the quality of your research; please consider the following three steps:


Get the language right, to effectively communicate your findings.

It is estimated that between 20–25% of all manuscripts are rejected before peer-review because the quality of English is deemed ‘poor’.


Structure your manuscript correctly, to aid your readers in navigating the content easily.

A well-written manuscript is structured so that the reader can easily understand your message and its importance.


Learn about the submission process to avoid unneeded rejections.

Avoid plagiarism, select the right journal, understand Open Access, bibliometrics, and copyright. Avoid predatory publishers.

Bas Straub

I am Bas Straub, and it is my personal desire to help you to get accepted for publication. Having worked all my life in academic publishing, I know how hard and frustrating the road to publishing can be. Especially if you are not from England or another country with English as the main language. This is exactly why I have created Authoring Academy; to help you to get accepted for publication.

In order to get ahead as a researcher, you need to get your research published. Using Authoring Academy, you will learn how to improve your chances to get accepted for publication. You will know that to get published, you’ll need more than excellent research.

To get published;
you must get your language right,
you must get your manuscript right,
and you must get your submission right.

I can teach you how to get accepted for publication.

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STM is the standard-bearer for the academic publishing industry, working with its members to advance research worldwide. Bas Straub has been their director for education for the past decade, teaching courses on academic publishing worldwide.

Authoring Academy partners with Akfa University to adapt and bring its e-learning offerings to the Russian-speaking market.

The Department of Publishing Science at Wuhan University is a complete hierarchical education system of Publishing Science including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and short-term training programs. Authoring Academy is proud to have received recognition from Wuhan University and partners with the university to adapt and bring its e-learning offerings to the Chinese market.

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